StyleTread – Shoe Heaven!

Hey guys,

So remember my post about THE leopard wedge boot from STYLETREAD from a few months ago? Well I’m back to wax lyrical about shoes again!

STYLETREAD, one of my favourite online shopping destinations, has this To-tal-ly AWESOME comp going on at the mo: win $2000 worth of shoes, now what girl wouldn’t want to win this?? All you have to do is let them know why you want to win, and what your fave shoes are.

Here’s my pick:

Soles – Boot This (in Orange Digital Aztec)

These shoes are to die for..they combine the chic classy chelsea boot with the totally on trend neon bright of orange plus my fave print ever – aztec print!

And as to why I want to win $2000 dollars of shoes? Well…let’s just say that I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes since I bought my black formal pumps last year in June. I mean, being a uni student who is also moving out, I am on a limited budget, and I have been forced to trawl Savers, op-shops and vintage stores and (gasp) my mother’s wardrobe for my shoe indulgence…oh my poor poor feet! Winning this competition would change all that. A stunning array of new on-trend foot coverings would be bliss for my tootsies! And then I might be more tempted to do outfit posts for you guys, instead of being embarrassed about my second-hand shoe porn!

xxx Stace


31 thoughts on “StyleTread – Shoe Heaven!

  1. Those boots are AMAZING, look at the print! they would look sooo good with ANY outfit! we keeping our toes fingers and everything else crossed so you win the price!!!! good luck and keep us posted, please!!!

    Lovely blog, we are following πŸ™‚

    Check ours too if you have a minute, kisses P&C xxx


  2. brilliant pair of boots! oh i love that they actually look wearable(i can't walk in too high heels) and i dig the print.
    thanks for sharing
    hope you're having a good monday


  3. I have these in 'Distressed brown leather' and I loooove them so much. They're so versatile, but these Aztec babies are stunning! I can see them now with a pair of black jeans, yum!




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