Twelfth Street – Fall ’11 Perfection!

Thigh-high boots and stacks of rings and bracelets and necklaces, flowing maxi dresses; a boho yet grunge-inspired lookbook that is making me want a new wardrobe consisting of these pieces alone!

I’ve been wearing pants to uni for comfort and ease, but now I want to turn up all glammed up like the girls in this shoot! Amaze!

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent – Fall 2011 Collection
Models: Taylor Warren and Nina de Raadt
Photographer: Zoe Grossman
Stylist: Ashley Glorioso



28 thoughts on “Twelfth Street – Fall ’11 Perfection!

  1. Total perfection.
    I want every single look.
    Ash always kills it!

    And I hate attempting to get dressed for class..
    I always just go comfy and blah.
    I also dread being seen and bolt home, but.. lol

    Liv ❤


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