Vena Cava A/W ’11/’12

Anyone been following New York Fashion Week? This has been my fave collection so far:

Main trends I can see? Draped yet well tailored maxi-skirts and mega-flare pants with waistlines nice and high, cute little frenchy berets, sharp shoulders…it’s grunge, but elegant early 90s grunge that I feel myself coveting this Winter!! Wooohoo for Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, they’ve definitely done a great job of this collection. View the rest at Vogue Aus’s website.

The colour scheme of warm blocks of rust, navy, and gray were lovely, and of course they didn’t forget classic black. And no one can whip up an interesting neckline like they can!! Look at those awesome cut-outs, and the square neckline WOW.

That last black maxi is amazing, no? There’s one just like it at Forever New which is my place of work, and now I know where they ripped it off from. I bought it too, and it is featuring in my next outfit post 😉

A little sneak peek of my outfit 🙂

Oh and I went browsing this morning after my interview for Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (which btw went ok, but everyone else seems so fashion pro!!)…looks like I have a little surprise for you guys in the next couple of posts coming up!! Which is long overdue because my little blog TEE&FAME’s one year anniversary was last month, and I got on blogger today to see I have exceeded my 250 followers benchmark! Time to give-away 😉


29 thoughts on “Vena Cava A/W ’11/’12

  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog! i love your blog; definitely following 🙂
    the beatles shirt and mink pink shorts were actually mine, and i'm sorry to say that i don't know where the magical tee came from! it was a present from my lovely friend lachy. i do know it came from a market somewhere in my area, from one of those huge tee shirt stalls, if there are any similar near you, you could check those?
    i love your style!


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