Skater wannabe me.

Just my relaxed day, doing nothing much at all.
Thought I’d pull out my old One Teaspoon tee seeing as their new range has just hit stores. Check out the Feb drop: The Wanderer; drool-worthy stuff as per usual.
Tried to pose for some photos, fail poser that I am 🙂
I’m learning to skateboard, and surprisingly after only a couple of tries I’m not falling over anymore!!
Gotta love my instamatix too, from good ol’ Savers. YAY for chilled out days 🙂

One Teaspoon T-shirt Supre Denim Cutoffs Sportsgirl Sunglasses Diva/Sportsgirl/Just Jeans Rings, Necklaces + Handchain

Oh and thanks to SETTY LEPIDA who gave me the “Versatile Blogger Award”!

Now to follow the award’s steps and tell you 7 things about me:

1. I have an obssession with rings at the moment. (see above :P)
2. I’m Chinese
3. I play piano, viola, guitar and I sing
4. I couldn’t live without sweets; I have the hugest sweet-tooth!!
5. I don’t know how to put on nail polish or lipstick..
6. I enjoy chick-flicks
7. I’m a perfectionist

YAY. Now I pass the award onto anyone who wants to do it!



39 thoughts on “Skater wannabe me.

  1. Hi Stacy!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. My hubby loves to skateboard and tries to get me to do it. Kudos for trying!
    Come visit me again soon and I will do the same.



  2. hey doll! thanks for the kind words. about the ear cuff.. its really odd, but i wore it with really simple brown leather shorts, cream singlet, choc brown woven sandles and had my hair up with a few loose strands at the front. i think just chose to wear colours that are in the feathers (mine are quite orange but a lot were more brown) and keep all other accessories to a minimum. hope that helps, definitely play around and see what works best for you:)


  3. Aha, you're quite the cutie!
    And yeah you're a massive poser, just saying 🙂
    You're prettyyy too!
    Sk8ter cH1cK woo
    I want matching T's, but they're hard to find here
    Wew, I'll be organising something for ma 18th so better be free!


  4. hot pics. i tried to skateboard but i ended up being too scared LOL. the crystals actually aren't! necklaces are like $30 and rings about $25! but they are mostly sold out atm!

    F. ( x


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