Summer Fashion ft. 2threads and Billabong!

Soo 2threads, teamed up with he uber popular Aussie surf brand Billabong, have again come up with another awesome blog initiative, to share what Summer fashion means to me! Inspired by the great weather we’ve had in recent days in Melbourne, I’ve compiled a little post here for you guys.

To me, Summer fashion is effortless, and only has two rules you must stick to: be both stylish and comfortable.
The only “must-have” is a great swimming costume and the confidence to pull it off once you hit the sand!

Here are some great picks for the Summer:

Billabong Bliss

Billabong Liv

Billabong Amaze

Billabong Poser

Billabong Amore

Then slip on something that doesn’t require buttons, belts, shoelaces or other annoyances that might hinder the strip you must undergo at the beach – a simple sundress, a crop top and skirt, an oversized singlet, or the beach classic – a pair of ripped denim cut-offs and a cute tee. Outfit done and dusted, now to hit the waves!

Beach essentials:
1. A large beach bag that can hold all of your stuff, like this one from Billabong.
2. A beach towel, to sunbathe on AND to dry yourself so that you don’t get wet patches on your clothes later on.
3. Sunnies and suncreen and a sunhat
4. Phone
5. Snacks. For those post-swimming hunger pangs. Duh.
6. Sunscreen; nothing worse than turning into a lobster the day after. Be SunSmart at all times 🙂
7. Camera, I can tell you there will be plenty of Kodak moments!
8. (Optional): Portable speakers and an iPod to pump out some Summer tunes!!

Don’t forget to swim between the flags, and remember: beach fashion is about STYLE and COMFORT. Don’t compromise!

Though there is only one month left of glorious Summer, it’s gong to be a great!


46 thoughts on “Summer Fashion ft. 2threads and Billabong!

  1. Damn girl your body is banging!!

    Very cute post about summer. I think friends make up such a huge part of why summer is so awesome.

    The quarry is in Wantirna South – hit me up if you want directions xx


  2. i feel your pain re 40 degree heat at melb bdo!
    love this post, how good is the beach? & totally agree with all your tips.
    i saw billabong bliss the other day & am seriously considering purchasing them. i love both the style & the cool colour/print they look so so awesome.
    if only i had more money to spend!
    & i got a couple of my arm bands from bdo actually, other places include byron bay, & surf shops generally sell quite a few too although they can be a little pricey there.x


  3. hi stace 🙂
    thanks for your nice comment,
    you've a really nice blog,i like it

    and by the way I'M SO JEALOUS – we have -6°C and you're going to swim in the sea and so on.
    where do you live that it's so hot that you can go swimming?

    (btw: i'm sorry my english is worst,i know 😀 please don't laugh about it! I hope it'll be better after my 4 weeks i'll spend in Canada this summer!)

    i'll follow you
    x anna


  4. These photos are so cute! Everyone looks so pretty and happy. 🙂 I wish I could be on the beach right now. But, alas, I'm stuck in snow. Ugh.

    These bikinis are gorgeous. I especially love the black one in the second photo. xo


  5. great post. i just kinda dreamt myself away to a less snowy landscape now.. i long to be in the sun on the beach.. it's just wonderful
    hope you're having a good week



  6. ahhhhhh how i wish it was summer here right now!! you guys look like you are having an amazing time! sooooo jealous 😉 and the rings you are inquring about aren't sportsgirl, but i definitely want to check them out now, so tahtnks for the tip! and if there's one in particular you want to know about i can let you know! thanks for the comment.



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