Happy un-birthday, Jesus!

I’m not making excuses but I did have VCE exams, then schoolies, then I’ve been working at Forever New the past few weeks and partying hard too 😉

ANYWAY. Did you guys know that the 25th of December is not Jesus’ REAL birthday? :O
Me and my cousin Jennifer decided to take some snaps of our festively green outfits at the family lunch we had on Christmas.
As usual, I ate too much. But that’s okay, I promised myself I would slim down this Summer so the gym and I have a date tomorrow!!

Don’t Ask Amanda dress Forever New canvas wedges Mum’s white tights Volcom bag Target black blazer Forever New bangles

And of course Xmas wouldn’t be complete without a family snap, including the gorgeous little Houdini held in Angus’ arms 🙂

I hope every babe and dude out there in the blogosphere had a great Christmas 2010, and I’m hoping that 2011 will be a year to remember 🙂



55 thoughts on “Happy un-birthday, Jesus!

  1. Hey darling! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Sounds like you've had a lovely time (and eating far too much over the festive period is what it's all about! hehe) Love your dress, your entire look infact. The white tights and pretty pattern make for a gorgeous ensemble. jazzy ♥


  2. Its defintely that time of year where blogging kind of gets pushed behind all of these other commitments. I didn't blog during December at all, only once! It's good to get back into it though. Defz going to slim down this summer as well haha.
    Lurrrve those tights too x


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