Hey guys! So 2threads, style network extraordinare, along with Smirnoff’s Cocktails have invited me to share my “getting ready to go out” moment!

I only turned legal this year, but I’ve already pretty much taken advantage of my coming-of-age, with heaps of nights out with my best friend Em even during Year 12, when I supposedly should be “studying” all night πŸ˜‰

Soo first of all, outfit.
Well, there’s definitely no shortage of pieces to pick for my nights out. My best tip is to just choose one statement piece of clothing and work with it.

Black is a no-fail option, so I pretty much resort to that half the time! Here I’m wearing a black lace dress from Lolitta, and Em is wearing a purple dress of mine from Myers. We stuck to the bare minimum of anything else, especially for clubbing – no humongous jewellery or towering shoes!

Okay, next we have make-up and hair, I have to say I’m no expert at this aspect, but here I’ve made a little collage of the process for you:

My bag must-haves:

1. ID
2. Some spare cash (cab, drinks, just-in-case)
3. Lipstick/powder for touch-ups
4. Phone
6. Flats, for a quick fix to those 3am blisters!


– Look confident, all that time spent getting ready wasn’t for nothing you know πŸ˜€
– Dance. No one is gonna judge you. Seriously. Shake it!!
– Have pre-drinks at someone’s house beforehand; drinks are just crazily expensive and the buzz will also ensure that you’re relaxed when you get to the venue!

Oh, and don’t forget to take some photos of the actual night too, and enjoy yourself responsibly girls!

Thanks 2threads for this fun little challenge, I had so much fun answering their time questionnaire last time, and I just realised that I forgot to share with you that I indeed won a Storm watch! AH IT’S SO YUMMY πŸ™‚

And Smirnoff cocktails are also yummy, click for more info:


PS. Last exam tomorrow, WEOW!


44 thoughts on “"READY TO GO OUT"

  1. stunning girlie πŸ™‚ I agree with everything you stated in this post, although I do tend to leave the flats at home because my bag wouldn't fit them in so I end up torturing myself with the blisters.. yay for being 18!



  2. great pics! i love the bag must haves list- so true! except in my case i have to have a hairband too, to restrain my hair if the clubs really hot and my hair goes frizzy and huge! haha. love the black dress very chic xx


  3. love the tousled hair. wish i could do that. mine just sticks out all over the place haha. and i would have done the exact same thing. some days you just have to forego the responsibility and just have fun. happy [belated] birthday!


  4. Cute post! I just started following you πŸ™‚
    I was in Year 12 last year and I was too scared to go out, good on you! I love the make-up shots, and oh my gosh those 3am blisters are the worst aren't they! I think I'll have to start bringing out a spare pair of shoes too…. x x x



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