TGIF: good news!

Hey everyone, good news! I received my Lucky13 dress in the mail today!! Totally exciting, and I can’t wait to wear it on schoolies in Qld, and all through the summer, it’s so hot. Thank you to Lucky 13 and to Margeret from Shine By Three for the awesome prize.

I luuurve the open back and mini-length! Couldn’t wait to snap some pics haha, you can see my school bag in the background and I’m still wearing my school scrunchie ha!

Argh I’ve also had a pretty tiring week coming back to school after a pretty relaxing three-week Spring break! Good news is: I only have two more weeks of Year 12, then exams, then Queensland for sun, sand and sea πŸ™‚

Sorry for all this random ranting, but I’m pretty darn happy at the moment. I also got the job for Forever New!! I can’t wait for that tasty 40% discount, *giggle*.

Hoe pretty are these dresses? *sigh* Ii’m going to spend my whole paycheck on all this beautiful summer-y clothing!

Thought I might post a quick pic of the outfit I wore to another job interview I had, for a store called Bardot, another fashion chain store in Australia, which I wasn’t successful in. I had just got my wisdom teeth out though, so I could hardly talk!! Hence no face in the photo πŸ˜›

Floral shirt – 18th birthday gift; Shorts – op-shop & DIY; Belt – vintage; Trench coat – Target.


Little Paradise – Gabrielle Wang
A gorgeous book about Mirabel, a 17-year-old Asian girl who designs clothes for others, yet can never design that perfect garment for herself. A truly touching tale based on the true story of Wang’s mother – read if you enjoy romance, fashion, semi-biographical texts! πŸ™‚


Maurie & Eve Wedge

Feline Frenzy dress

Lover lace-trimmed silk shorts

Sass & Bide ‘The Art Beat’ tank

Ah, have a good weekend everyone! I shall be studying, going to a performance by the Australian Art Orchestra for the Melbourne Arts Festival and attending an 18th dinner at a posh restaurant. Photos to come, soon hopefully ❀

Thanks for continuing the following despite my crap-blogger-ness lovelies,

Image src: myself, forever new, polyvore, google images



43 thoughts on “TGIF: good news!

  1. Oh seriously, you're brilliant.. I have to find a gala dress for my graduation, and well, I loooove the dresses at Forever New! So thanks for sharing!
    And I really like your new dress too :)!


  2. oh this is what it looks like! defs expect me to be stealing the dress, spesh in noosa!
    i caaaaaaaaaan't wait for all this stupid year 12 business to be over
    and for us to be working together in bourke street and having money and shit weew!


  3. I was strolling up and down looking for your comment link and I was so confused and then I was like ohhhh i see it! haha, anyways.. i like that dress πŸ™‚ congrats on finding a job! i'm dying without one..i have no idea how i'm going to support my fall shopping.


  4. I'm not too sure about those shorts (they scream “sexy time!”) but that navy dress above it is … gorgeous! Gah I want something like that for the summer here in NZ ! I guess you guys experience the same seasons seeing as we're in the same hemisphere anyway :p hahaha


  5. awe the dress is super cute and congrats on the new job! i love my current job and the crazy discount which it's at a shoe store, but it's so hard not to buy everything!


  6. I love that dress! It looks awesome on you! The new things from Forever New are so beautiful! My mum has already bought half the catalogue which is good cause I get to borrow πŸ™‚

    Also WANT WANT WANT those wedges and all those other beautiful things! πŸ™‚


  7. hot dress girl, the cutout back is wow. congrats on scoring the job! forever new is so lovely, gotta say I'm pretty damn jealous ;P good luck with finishing yr 12, then are you going to QLD for schoolies? xx


  8. hey stacy! where is the Feline Frenzy dress from? i am completely in love with it, i know its a knock off of the miumiu one but still… the collar is amazing i want to drool with you


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