Socks, sequins, PINK!

I’ve got a job interview on Tuesday, and it’s for the store Forever New, which is a really feminine fashion store. I really like some of their stuff atm, I just bought a couple of pieces last week, including the cutest pink pleat skirt. I don’t usually wear a lot of pink, but this is a nice dusky pink that isn’t TOO girly! Although, to tone down the ‘girl’ factor I’m wearing a sequinned biker jacket haha. Typical.

The skirt I am in luuurve with, and a cute lacey top which I think I spent too money much on…

Pretty bangles, ah Forever new has the best jewellery ever πŸ™‚

Forever New skirt, Target sequin biker jacket, black Diana Ferrari shoe, white vintage shoe, random black&white socks I found in my drawer.

Awesome shoes/socks right?

Okay, also I need you lovely bloggers’ help with something:

Please please please tell me, honestly. Just cos I think I might wear this outfit to my job interview. Is the skirt appropriate? Uh I don’t know 😐

Anyway, enough of the photos. I’m off to Em‘s house tonight, wew we’re going out (and also doing some Maths methods study possibly…ew).



31 thoughts on “Socks, sequins, PINK!

  1. wooo good luck with the interview girlie, would be amazing having a staff discount off all those gorgeous clothes! and i wouldn't know but i'd say that yes the skirt is deffs appropriate, cause thats the sort of stuff you would wear working there right? πŸ™‚ and i say go the black socks/white shoes combo, cause i like the socks matching the jacket if that makes sence haha. have fun tonight xx


  2. I LOVE Forever New. Only problem is it is a tad out of my price range, considering Im a high school student with no job. But Im hoping to get a job soon, maybe in a clothing shop itd be so much fun. I like the white socks and black shoes. Oh good luck for your interview! Youll be brilliant.

    xx Carina


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