Grandpa’s jumper <3


Home-made sweater Target wet-look leggings Miss Shop belt (worn backwards) I dunno, random? rubber slip-on shoes..

This dress is a home-made hand-me-down; my grandma actually made it for my grandpa! Cute, huh? πŸ™‚

I’m still wearing knits, which is a bit disappointing because I am officially over winter. Well, not really. But I’m just sick of feeling like an ice-block all the time. Anyway, this cable-knit sweater is really warm, perfect for the ramdom cold spell we’re having down in Melbourne at the moment (screw you, late Winter!), and kind of college style with the V-neck and cable-knit. It feels like I’ve got a whole family of lambs wrapped around me, minus their hooves of course. Sheep can do no wrong, in my mind. Oh and I’m wearing the belt backwards, for some reason. The bow bit looks pretty at the back, don’t you think?

On to other things, not only is it Spring on Wednesday, it is my 18th birthday next Saturday! Remember to send me love πŸ˜‰ + gifts (just kidding)!

Hint hint, I really want to be dressed like this:

Hell yeah, I honestly am yearning for warm enough weather that I can show off my back!
The heart cut-outs are so sweet and gorgeous and definitely perfection for the Spring time πŸ™‚ Though most of you are looking forward to going into Autumn and cooler weather, I would die to switch places with you; it’s too cold here.
I have a few low-back/backless tops that I am dying to try outttttt xx

Love, Stace

PS. Some of you may remember my best friend, Em, who has featured in a couple of my posts in the past. She’s started blogging again, at STUDS & SUPERNOVAS so please check her out.
She has impeccable style and her posts are so gooood I’m hooked already hahah!


41 thoughts on “Grandpa’s jumper <3

  1. wow, the belt is super cute! gosh, you're gorgeous πŸ™‚ what an adorable jumper, i LOVE knitwear! but yes, the late winter is really annoying me, hurry up summer! gary pepper vintage = love β™₯ the blue & white dress is amazing β™₯


  2. fab post! your blog is great. thanks so much for stopping by mine, in answer to your question i just shot those with my digital camera but i put some filters over the top afterwards… but i am determined to start shooting on film soon! x


  3. Love the grandpa sweater! I have a few cardigans and jumpers that my grandma knitted for my dad/aunts and they're beautiful things, plus it makes my dad smile when he sees me in his old jumper. I guess it's kind of weird but also quite nice in a way!

    Also, the heart shaped back on your dress is really lovely!


  4. thank you for your comment!

    I LOVE resurrecting my mom's old sweaters!
    going through her old things is one of my favorite things to do.
    and those dresses you posted are fantastic.
    I really want one now.


  5. This is an AMAZING post. Sooooooo stunning!

    Woaaawww. I can't even comment on everything. I just love everything. The detail is amazing.

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,



  6. you've got one rockin' old grandpa girlie! so cool, loves it belted. and oh my yesss would love to spending my summer in hot little backless dresses (and yay for spring!!) + please let your lovely friend Em know how much I'm enjoying her blog & that i super appreciate all the lovely comments xx


  7. How awesome did you make the sweater look? I am loving the backwards belt! And so cool that your grandma made it! I may need to go shopping at my grandparents this weekend πŸ™‚

    Love the heart cut outs ~ I have never seen that before!


  8. Wow your blog is so cool, very inspirational πŸ™‚
    I'll defiantly be coming back!
    Hope you can tell me what you think of my blog if you get the time, i'd love feedback


  9. I love my grandpas cardigan, oversized and heaps warm. too bad he still wears it :/

    thank-you for all the sweet comments, you made me smile πŸ™‚
    are you talking about the girl with the ring near the header? that would be me.
    the ones down further I don't know, just cute photos xx


  10. I know, right? What the hell is with this weather? It's supposed to be spring! I suppose it's quite warm today, but all the rain? I just don't get it…ah, that's Melbourne for you, eh? πŸ˜‰
    Ooh 18 soon, so exciting! Hope you're planning on partying till the sun comes up (and then some)!
    Loving the jumper, by the way. Those are my winter staple items.


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