I Love Space Print

Backstage spliced dress Grandma-knitted wool scarf Target trench-coat Mum’s ankle boots

Even more wonderful than digi-print skirts, is space prints skirts!
This dress was on sale at my favourite store Glue and I haaaaad to have it – the bottom half is all shiny like satin, and galactic-y (if that’s a word…)

I wore this to an 18th, which interestingly was in a scout hall. We basically just pigged out on finger-food, drank heaps and danced around to trashy pop music. But unfortunately the photos taken there are really not blog-worthy and might scar you for life (I look stoned/smashed), so I’ll spare you the torture.

PS. Sorry; I haven’t been a great blogger the past few weeks. I haven’t had time to put together extravagant outfits/photos/inspiration or anything, so bear with me. School is quite hectic, but I’m pulling through πŸ™‚

PPS. Thank you followers. You will be rewarded with kissses and hopefully a giveaway (I promiseeeeeeee.)

Speaking of space-prints;

Christopher Kane’s Resort collection goes alright – look at the middle dress! πŸ™‚

ALSO: I want this:

Your Eyes Lie vest dress, someone please buy it for me? πŸ™‚
My birthday is September the 4th! YAY.




49 thoughts on “I Love Space Print

  1. I absolutely love space prints. They're so aesthetically pleasing and, for me anyway, really calming. I'd kill for a Christopher Kane piece, but since we all know that isn't happening anytime soon, I'll continue looking at pictures from the Hubble telescope and dreaming of owning such a good intergalactic investment piece.

    Les Deux – Katie


  2. You look so lovely I love space prints too. A dream of mine is to actually go up into space one day, but I don't want to be an astronaut so there isn't a high chance of that happening. However, I did hear that Russia offers rides up into space for the price of a gajillion or something close to it haha. Hopefully one day though. And I completely agree those Christopher Kane dresses are so beautiful. The middle one is amazing!!!!!!!


  3. wowzer to your amazing skirt/dress!! high level of jealousy right now πŸ™‚

    also, i love that you've blogged about stephanie bambi… she is EVERYWHERE right now – i work in melbourne central and actually cannot escape giant photos of her!! hehe she's gorgeous though.

    thank you for your comment… the purple is stunning!! great as a shadow, but also makes for an awesome eyeliner if you wet your brush!!


  4. Love space print! Dammit, where is my chain store version of christopher kane? Or even better, my spotlight version. Killing me. Maybe I need to stop looking at internet clothes forever, I was so much happier ignorant. Or was I? I dunno.
    Anyways, your skirt is sweet as.


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