Sky Ferreira

Sky – a 17-year old (like me!) singer-songwriter with a penchant for vintage clothing, worn-in T-shirts, and the hottest designer footwear. Here is an insight on her personal style, which I just adoreeeee.

I envy her long tousled blond locks. I envy her gorgeous voice that will probably take her to the top. I envy her fashion sense. I envy Sky Ferreira!

I love herrrrrrrr. If you haven’t heard her music, YOUTUBE. NOW.
…or even MySpace, where she first was “discovered”.



38 thoughts on “Sky Ferreira

  1. i've loved her style (and oh shit AMAZING hair!) for ages now, but just found out that she was only 17 – crazy! -and that she could actually sing like a few weeks ago haaaha. yeap she has a pretty killer voice x


  2. I love the 1st picture so much. Her legs look amazing. And sweet style šŸ™‚
    I might just youtube her now, haven't heard of her before.



  3. Ugh so jealous of her gorgeous hair! x Sushi

    P.S. As you may already know, I've entered the Miss Shop Style Off competition, and it would be an absolute dream to win! I'm asking my lovely blog friends/followers to show their support by voting for me šŸ™‚

    If you could spare a minute, please register here, then click the 'vote for me now' button on my profile page. To validate your vote you also need to click the link in the confirmation email Miss Shop will send you. Thanks so much hon!


  4. oh cool. i keep hearing about Sky.
    It's only until you actually showed me her style in that instant i'm loving her.
    i'll be checking out her music.

    thanks again.
    followed you via bloglovin'


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