Shakuhachi S/S x Bambi

Make these three dresses mine, argh!! Espec. the purple maxi, droool ๐Ÿ™‚

Part of the Shakuhachi S/S ’10/’11 Campaign – Aussie label + model = amazeesauce!!

Remember my post on Bambi a couple weeks ago? One of my readers requested to see this ad campaign a while ago, because I raved on about it quite a bit haha…but we all know I’m a bad blogger girl and always forget to post and all that jazz, so sorry!

Bambi looking very alternative but so beautiful here – defining features include average-ish height (170cm makes her shorter than I am!), strong facial features, and a slim but muscular body that I am so jealous of. Seriously.

Bambi, I want to be youuuuu. Pretty please?



25 thoughts on “Shakuhachi S/S x Bambi

  1. The dresses = YES
    Bambi = NO – she looks terrible, like some washup druggie off the shore! Perhaps thats the looks she's going for, but it ain't working!
    My votes go to Abbey and Jess for Aussie models!


  2. Ohhhh nice and yeah my school demographic is 50% asian because my school is selective, which involves passing a test to get in. So students have a higher chance of achieving higher “ATAR”s And 25% of my school is boarding school for students who live in the country. Lovely mix ๐Ÿ™‚


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