Bambi Northwood-Blyth. Yes pleaseeee!
She has the awesomest eyebrows, haha.
Bambi fever is picking up worldwide, she’s fast becoming a big name in the industry!
Aussie pride of course – she’s from MY country, hells yeah 😀


PS. GHOSTS AND FLOWERS, an amazing store is hosting a July competition to win a Sass&Bide dress, and studded boots! What an amazing amazing comp – to enter simply add the Ghosts and Flowers Facebook page, refer your friends and let the lovely Camille know to go into the draw. Winner announced at the end of July so get suggestin’!

You know you want to 😉


38 thoughts on “BAMBI FEVER!

  1. Hey beb 🙂

    Thanks for your comment. My previous comment probably sounded bitchy which I didn't intend it too. I just don't think she's all that great she looks like so many other models just with thicker eyebrows. I just don't think she's that attractive (again I sound bitchy but i'm just being honest) Saw photos of her before she “made it” and she just didn't stand out. It's personal opinion. The only things I do like about her are her name and tattoo! They're ace!

    Sorry about the essay haha!


  2. oh i love bambi! whenever theres a new aussie it girl its so good getting behind her!
    also that shes not as tall as most models is such a great confidence boost to girls everywhere 🙂


  3. pretty sure everybody has bambi fever! i love that she doesn't fit the usual 'model' mould, and really hope she does make it internationally. + that cobra snake shot with snake is so fun, gorgeous x


  4. those boots are amazing! bambi is gorgeous 🙂 ah, i got your comment on my previous post, thanks so much! but, grr… i accidentally erased it when approving comments, so sorry ♥


  5. I was walking through melbourne cbd the other day and couldn't but notice was fronting at least three different campaigns. Love it! Couldn't agree more, so proud to boast she is an aussie 🙂


  6. She is such a beauty, and I love the shots you picked! lovely blog, I admire the fact that you provide some inspirational images n stuff, I just can't be bothered with that …. but I love going thru such stuff on other blogs!



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