Helloo, sunshines 🙂
Remember that fantastic Alannah Hill package I recieved?

Well…it was time I unveiled one of the wonders of my new Alannah Hill stash! I will never be able to thank Clear It enough – I won a giveaway of a $250 voucher! Kind of a dream come true, really 🙂

Damn you, lazy eye…

Love this one! It was such a sunny day which is weird cos it’s Winter and all…

Sooo…I was invited to Sugar and Spice blog’s One-Year Bloggiversary party! What a fantastic idea – I was asked to send in a picture of the outfit I would wear, a pressie I would get and what sort of drinks I would bring. As I’d JUST recieved me Alannah Hill package in the mail, of course I jumped at the opportunity to put on one of the beautiful frocks from the lovely Ms. Hill!

Alannah Hill Flowerbomb Me Frock and Before We Die Headband, Clear It! // T-bar heels, $8 from Target

Check out Shopgirl’s post about the guests HERE and be sure to check out the other lovely guests’ outfits too 🙂

Oh andandand, I am turning 18 soon! Soo excited to be legal, in Australia at least. I want to do something special with my friends but I don’t know what yet. Ideas welcome, my loves 🙂




  1. Congrats on the voucher-wise choice of dress…it's da (flower)bomb! Sorry, couldn't resist the extremely bad pun. Damn these early morning starts….
    Love the colour, you look SUMMER incarnate.
    Excited for your soon-to-be legality.


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