Going GaGa.

On a kinda related note, PLASE listen to this: a classical take on Gaga’s epic Telephone! It’s sorta kinda amazinggggg.


PS. Ah ah ah I went to the Alannah Hill outlet a few weeks ago, remember that post? Then I won a $250 voucher thanks to Clear It and bought two amaze-tastic Alannah Hill dresses! The package came in the mail and I nearly died. Eeeeeeeeeep!

There are two additional items besides the dresses. Guess what else is inside??


30 thoughts on “Going GaGa.

  1. How amazing is that version of telephone! Gagagagaggaaga is amazing, even if you don't like her, you have to admire her style and outlandish ways.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, that house was even more amazing in real life. I want to take everyone to visit, but i'm sure i would definitely get done for trespassing if i started giving guided tours of my dream house hehehe. x.x.x


  2. Gaga's quite the lady, isn't she?? I wish I could pull off those same looks! But I have a feeling she's the only one in this entire world who could pull them off 😉


  3. One moment I hate her, the second I love her. Haven't made my opinion yet really, but I love that she has the courage, and that she is different. I mean i think Björk is amazing, because of she is different.


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