Pretty. Odd.

Odd socks. I am in love.

Sorry for the huge non-posting last week; as I said, mid-years kill and there have been some nasty things going on in my life. Anyway, I bought a pair of Alannah Hill thigh highs at the outlet the other weekend, and here they are. Well, one of them!

Left sock: vintage knee-hi; right sock: Alannah Hill thigh-highs.

Lame as outfit post, but the main emphasis is on my socks, babes! Ignore the weirdo faces and the boring clothes 😉

Houdini, the cutest rabbit everrr ^^

Going back to Alannah Hill cos this Friday coming up is my Year 12 formal! Soo excited. Trying to find a good hairpiece and possibly new shoes too. And the theme is Academy Awards so we’re getting a red carpet and everything, I dieeee.


PS. Soooo over Photobucket – it always bloody “fails to upload” on me. Anyone else have the same problems??


26 thoughts on “Pretty. Odd.

  1. i'm loving the socks & heels combo, so adorable! you pull it off brilliantly 🙂 awww i love you rabbit! good luck again with exams, don't stress to much & i hope you find the perfect outfit for prom ♥


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