luella x abbey lee

Gasp! Is anyone else in love with this Luella collection and the perfection that Abbey Lee represents?

Abbey Lee Kershaw
10 Magazine

I die.


31 thoughts on “luella x abbey lee

  1. yess, total perfection! in that gorgeous messy perfect sort of way. love, love, love <3 oh and im on a gluten - wheat, oats, etc. - free (and dairy free) diet for health reasons, no white bread fairy bread for me :'( haaah. hope you had an awesome weekend lovely, and that some of the problems in your last post are sorting themselves out. girls can be such freakin bitches sometimes xx


  2. Hey 🙂
    Thanks so much for your comment. Sorry for slow reply; lack of internet for almost 3 weeks!
    I absolutely ADORE the Luella collection and the ad campaign is just awesome; yum!



  3. my bestfriend and i were just discussing this afternoon how she's one of the most gorgeous people to walk this world, don't you think?! argh i love abbey 🙂 have a beautiful weekend ♥


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