twenty seven names

Twentyseven names
“Twelve” Summer 10/11 Lookbook

Awesomest up-and-coming NZ label, evz! So I was looking forward to winter but such a pretty, clean collection makes me want summer again..

via studdedhearts


35 thoughts on “twenty seven names

  1. What lovely clothes. I like the last one best and I think it's really cool how she matched the grey laced shoes with the dresses. It's eternally summer here in my country. However, it's really hot and humid and sometimes i wished we have the 4 seasons.

    I'm sorry for my late response to the comment you left on my blog a while back. =)


  2. Thanx Stace,

    Hopefully you'd come up with a vision board too. If you do, remember to let me know. I would love to take a peek at it.

    My bad… I meant brown shoes… what was I thinking of saying grey? I must have been dreaming. =)


  3. I LOVE NZ DESIGNERS! there perspective on fashion is so laidback and cool without even trying chic. i am scared for you. not having a plan in grade 12 would just scare the shit out of me. but then again that's just me. i think if you did any of those. youd have to be able to know that in 10years youd be happy. i never want to end up like my parents hating there jobs. that would suck. i think journalism would be really good. i love journalism is amazing. thanks for the comment and i love your blog. imm following it now!



  4. I love all their dresses! NZ seriously has some very talented designers. Stolen Girlfriends Club is one of my other favourites too. They don't really sell many of their pieces here in Adelaide tho. Great blog!

    xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)


  5. i LOVE twentysevennames…seriously, not even kidding, one of my favourite desginers, i always go to the shops and have a twenty seven names lust session….a.m.a.z.i.n.g


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