Under the sea

There’s something so compelling about underwater photoshoots…


EDIT: A few more pics from fashion be late I found!

I can’t explain it; I guess it’s just natural to be intrigued by water and the way it affects the world.

Pics from Flickr and Google images!

Stace x


32 thoughts on “Under the sea

  1. talking about the purple dress and yellow shoes, YES go for it,you would look fab because the colors that go perfec with yellow are black and purple, thats why i said yellow because looks good and not many people go for this combination.
    Wear them with confidence:) good luck



  2. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

    Wow! I love underwater photo shoots! I find them the most creative and inspiring! The first and the last are my fave! McQueen was one of a kind!

    Sofia Leo x


  3. the first time i saw the mcqueen underwater shots, i just gaped at them for about 2 minutes, they're just SO amazing! the first one is so surreal and lovely 🙂 love them all,


  4. I love underwater shots because they're so incredibly beautiful…and also because the models are so talented to be able to make these shots! I definitely couldn't do it, I would look awful and drowning or something!


  5. I love underwater shots too!!!
    What attracts me is the anti-gracity factor. I mean, where else can you accomplish such scenes besides the moon?

    Someday, I hope to have an under water photoshoot. If only I could get my hands on a water-proof camera. *sigghh. 🙂


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