polaroid scarf

Philippe Roucou – Objets Trouves Polaroid Scarf

Light grey bordered, 100%silk, limited edition rectangular printed silk scarf with vivid ‘aerial cityscape’ image on front.

It’s so amazing! Except that when you wear it you can’t really see the whole print…so what do you guys think? Yould you buy a piece of beauty like that and wear it, or no?

Stace x

Sorry about the uber short post! I’m really busy and won’t have much time to post things ahh…the joys of year 12 -_-. Thanks for your continued support, lovely wondergals and superpals! Oh and any suggestions for posts are welcome!


37 thoughts on “polaroid scarf

  1. um, this is so cool! adore. but yeah, wish it was a smock-ish top so you could see the polaroid better, it's such a beautiful picture!

    ugh year 12, i know what you mean – the hsc almost killed me. Good luck with it all!



  2. wow I love this. Polaroids are a favourite, I would totally buy it even if you can't see the whole thing when you wear it…you still know what it actually is! πŸ˜‰


  3. ah i did see these a few weeks ago, still not over them, they're so fantastic! but yeah it's a shame you can't see the actual polaroid when you wear it 😦 i love how light they are! enjoy your week, doll


  4. Oh wow I love it!! It actually looks really cool on, I like how you can't tell what it is but can see lots of different patterns and colours. Shame it's only like a few hundred dollars over my budget for a scarf haha πŸ˜‰


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