The Veronicas – impeccable style!


The Veronicas rock my socks. Love this set of twins and awesome girl band from Australia!
Impeccable style, yes?


pics from, also go go go listen to their music!

PS. Thank you Jessica from marvelous things for this nice interview with me, featured on her blog 🙂 Have a read, share it round, scorn it, save it, whatever. Any publicity is good publicity, I say!


26 thoughts on “The Veronicas – impeccable style!

  1. First: yay to you for your lookbook invite.
    2nd: yay to you for your 50th post back there.
    3rd: yay for letting me admit my love for the veronicas somewhere in the blogosphere.
    4th: thanks for stopping in on my blog and giving a lil love to NZ!
    5thly…check back in tomorrow when fashion westies first giveaway is revealed!


  2. yess got the email too, i was like woo :D. ahh the veronicas!! they were my idols when i was prob about 9 (me and my best friend used to pretend to be the, i was lisa hahah) and i still love them loads now! their killer style is my kinda perfect. happy easter, enjoy the long weekend xx


  3. Stace,

    Thanx for dropping by my blog and leaving a mark. =)

    In cases when it is hard to be completely true even to ourselves, I'll always say go with our hearts.

    The twins sure look awesome with great style and it helps that good things come in two. Double the happiness, don't you think? =D


  4. Wow these girls do have excellent style. very unique… my new favorite accessory is definitely non-prescription, funny glasses as seen in photo three. I also am loving the black, lace gloves!!

    cool blog 😉


  5. I was really into the Veronicas a couple years ago, I should give them a listen again. Love their style, plus twins are just awesome!

    Thanks for your comment the other day. I'll be stopping by here again. x


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