What’s all the +HYPE about?

Attention please; tee&fame has a public announcement to make:


Also, I have just been invited to lookbook.nu by the lovely Chiara from theblondesalad. This outfit post is my very first look. No matter whether you hate or love it, please take a sec to check out my first look and give feedback πŸ™‚

Wearing: Lolitta maxi-wrap dress; Miss Shop grey tank; Dangerfield cuff; Agent99 silver bangles; Claire’s crystal bird necklace

So pleaaaaase check out my look: floral debutante right here. I’d love comments, hypes, or whatever πŸ™‚

Oh and speaking of which, this is the magnificent magic carpet I got from spindizzyfall’s giveaway! It’s lovely and is in my room now; the blue reminds me of magic and antique and the print is so Aladdin!

Thanks to all my followers for leaving me such nice comments – I never imagined that I’d get so much support and bloglovin’ from all of you lovelies!


PS. Check out vampires and cardigans‘s giveaway here! I really love the floral scarf. Makes me start to think I should plan a give-away soon…hmmmmm πŸ˜‰


41 thoughts on “What’s all the +HYPE about?

  1. I quite like your blog! Whenever I can't think of something to post about, I just think about what I haven't done yet! Like my latest post is about make-up and I've never done that before =)

    Its quite nice to see another Melbournian on here xx


  2. oh beautiful dress babe, it camouflages in with your carpet/rug LOL πŸ™‚

    narh, for swimming we didnt have a theme. the yellow team had a fairy theme though lol for athletics the blue team's theme was 'avatar' LOL red was some wild bush theme and the yellow team had construction lol it was fair fun (Y)


  3. woo! congrats πŸ˜€
    great photos!

    I was super lucky and Stylestalker actually sent me the dress!
    and the light effects were through an exposure setting on a Canon Powershot camera πŸ™‚ xx


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