New favourite trend high socks- I’m going to go buy myself a nice black or grey pair ASAP!!! I also love the thigh-high boots in the second Sportsgirl pic. I seriously am drooling over these pics and wish I could go shopping right now! Ah! Oh and guys, follow me on bloglovin’ (click the top right corner)!

Stace x



44 thoughts on “THIGH HIGH, BABY!

  1. I too need to invest in a pair, I plan to DIY & stitch some beads/whatev I can find, onto them though! Thank you for your comment hun! Yes I did do the nails myself. It takes a little time, a couple of toothpicks & a steady hand haha :D. – Luka xox


  2. Adore thigh highs! Though it's so easy to get them wrong…saw a girl wearing a pair today and it looked like she had got snipping with a pair of oversized tights…! I think you could work them though 🙂

    Love love love,




  3. Good morning =)
    Firstly, LOVE those outfits and those socks, reminds me of those Japanese characters. And secondly, thank you for commenting on my drawing. Have a new post, do tell me what you think.



  4. amazing! i wish i had hot thighs so i could wear them haha

    replying to this comment you made,
    “RMIT is the best. What subjects are you taking this year? You can do a diploma if you don't get in.”

    you mean in high school? lol eng language, vis com, photography, philosophy, psychology and health.

    any suggestions ?




  5. Well, it could always be turned into an 'S' =) If I knew how to sew of course I would make the clothes I draw, though erm..still learning.
    More letters are coming up next week.



  6. thank you for your comment on my blog! 🙂 I like yours very much and about high thighs… Great choice! I think they're really classy and chic (even if you need to wear it veeeeeery well…they are as beautiful as difficult to wear in the right way! )


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