erin wasson’s home!

Seems my jaw never stops dropping when it comes to Erin Wasson! Not only is she absolutely incredible looking, she also lives in my dream house. Not fair.

And she’s no dud, either.

“I have too much going on in my brain to just be a face, an image, without a voice behind it.” quoted from Elle mag.

Rawr! I aspire to have a life that is just half as awesome as Erin Wasson’s is. But it probably never will be.

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Stace x

source: theselby, nymag


39 thoughts on “erin wasson’s home!

  1. your blog is really special, i love it! 🙂 i am following and i look forward to reading your future posts! i love that erin wasson's uses her items like bags and clothes to decorate her wall. i do that with necklaces, but i should start with other items too…:)

    great post!

    xoxo, rose.


  2. hahaha rubi sells the leopard shoes!
    i have to show you these other flats i got from work though, they are AMAZING

    i dont know who this chick is but i like the look of her wardrobe



  3. She is pretty damn cool, isn't she. I never know whether to believe these 'at home' shoots though, they are always too perfect.

    Thanks for commenting over on my blog, really appreciate it, and I really like yours too – glad you found me!


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