Alannah loves Alice

Australian designer Alannah Hill’s AW/10 ad campaign is entitled ‘Garden of Roses’, and is very Alice in Wonderlandish and it’s so appropriate considering all the hype going on about the March 4th release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland!

I really am in love with this brand and I absolutely love going in store and into the factory outlet; the website is also whimsical and fun.

Stace x

PS. Who is seeing/has seen the movie, btw? I’d like to know if it’s worth all the hype. Although, with Johnny Depp in it, it’s bound to be good!!


34 thoughts on “Alannah loves Alice

  1. I love these photos and they fit so perfectly with my Alice in Wonderland obsession that is going on right now.

    Thanks for your comment too. Following your blog!



  2. wow inspirational? i think so!
    great blog – aka now following.
    these pictures are amazing (zing zing) and im double excited to see the movie
    would love to hear back from you
    x lickee


  3. so lovely!

    Hey, my boots were by destroy boots, made in spain.

    p.s i just wrote a little review on my thoughts of the film at the end of one of my posts =)


  4. i love alice and wonderland inspired fashion, especially when its just a hint and not too over the top.
    ive seen the movie, its really entertaining, i was surprised at how much i liked it, i usually dont like movies which are hyped up because they never live up to your expecatations, however i really liked it!


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