So my best friend Em just recieved her Alexander McQueen skull scarf in the mail last night! And she brought it in today to show me…I am extremely, extremely envious of her. She bought the black – it looks gorgeous!

I wanted the white one, as you can see in the pic above, but now I really like the black one too!

Help me; should I get the white or the black? Or maybe another colour completely? Let me know which you prefer and I’ll keep you posted on this; ahhhhh I really want it!

Stace x

PS. I’ve reached 25 followers! Thank you all you lovelies; every comment is appreciated more than you know. You guys are what keeps me blogging through Year 12!


30 thoughts on “WISHHHING FOR:

  1. yessssss i get a whole post! πŸ™‚
    get black and we can match?
    but i picture you more as a white scarf person…
    so up to you love
    but yay you should 100% buy one


  2. I did want one of these but whenever I try them on I don't think they suit me 😦 At the moment I REALLY want a Jonathan Saunders scarf, and a Givenchy one. Mmmm Givenchy, I even love saying it…



  3. Hey! I prefer much more the black scarf to the white one! I want it too, but in my country it's not in sale!
    I really like your blog, take a look at mine if you want!

    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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