Alpha60 x Sportsgirl

Designer Australian label Alpha60 have recently launched their exclusive Sportsgirl Likes collection!

Alpha60 is a Melbourne brother-sister duo and they offer downtown luxe with t-shirts, jackets, mini-dresses and everything I’d ever need! I like the mix of monochromatic basics, geometric prints and signature portrait tees. Their exclusive 9-piece collection hits all the right notes.

Well, my favourite? I am in love with the amazing Rubelite Velour Dress. It features a recurring diamond design that I want to rock all day and night!

Alpha60 have been making waves in the Aussie fashion scene since their launch in 2005, their unique designs earning them a cult following including the likes of Patti Smith, Klaxons, Bloc Party, Kings of Leon, LCD Sound System and Arcade Fire. With five stores and counting, and a growing list of stockists worldwide – this is a label to watch!

Get your piece of the Alpha60 action at Sportsgirl in stores and online now!

Stace x


19 thoughts on “Alpha60 x Sportsgirl

  1. What a gorgeous velvet dress! I love velvet so so much and tend to over wear it…! Have been reading through your posts and theyre all awesome…fabulous blog!

    Love love love,




  2. so many comments! normally i'm first 😐

    so i got my scarf from here:
    they have a couple of colour combos – i nearly went black and pink but i ultimately went with black and white because it would go with more

    this is the real v fake

    and i drooled over this website of everyone wearing them
    mary kate has the same one as meeeee

    ily x


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