Elle Macpherson

Elle “The Body” Macpherson doing the school run; walking home after dropping her kids off at school. How amazing is she at her age?!

**EDIT: Sorry; for those who don’t know Elle is an ex-supermodel. She’s Australian and SO hot!!

I personally really like her jeans, I mean if she can pull them off good on her! But what about you guys? Do you think she is too old to wear stuff like that? Or should she just flaunt it?

Have a great night, sweets.



18 thoughts on “Elle Macpherson

  1. THIS is what she wears to do the school-run? If I could look this good at her age, I wouldn't worry about anything else haha. She should definitely flaunt it if she's got it.


  2. Stace, I agree with you, she`s just fierce!
    The miu miu model is def. too skiny ( and tall!)
    Of course it`s OK if you use the pic!
    Let me know when you do it so I can see how did it get!



  3. re: Crystal Renn – I agree, it's a strange world we live in when someone of Crystal's size is 'plus-sized'…but I suppose in comparison to the size zeros, anyone can be 'plus-sized'. I guess we just have to embrace anything that encourages diversity, to look on the bright side.
    Things will get better from here I hope. πŸ™‚
    p.s. thank you, your blog is lovely too, anytime!


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