F21 SPR10

Forever 21’s Spring lookbook – beads, florals, lace, curls, tea-party dresses; what more could you want?

I wish Forever 21 would set up shop in Australia *sigh*, it’s affordable and cute and good for my students’ budget!

Stace x


32 thoughts on “F21 SPR10

  1. I love all the floral shorts in this look book (something I never thought I'd say before this season)! I'm checking it out for myself in another browser tab… also, yall may not have F21, but every time I'm on Ebay I ALWAYS fall for something from Australia, so you must have something good out there! I'm always so heartbroken by the shipping prices though… darn you, Australia, for being so far away from the U.S.!

    Love your blog, girl πŸ™‚



  2. aww.. there are forever 21s everywhere in america!!! they recently are making them bigger.. like a department store.. can't wait! they have grown so much the past few years.

    love the lookbook!!



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