Soundtrack to my summer..

So the soundtrack to my summer would be filled with boppy pop songs sung by carefree girls, rock anthems sung by legends, and of course the voices of everyone I know and love. I really could not complain about the things I’ve been doing – beach outings, going to the gym, shopping with my girls, a night spent drinking in the spa with Em, a rain-drenched NYE in the city with mates, parties in the botanical gardens, coffee in cafes in Yarraville, lots of good food and fun fun fun!

But tomorrow all of this ends.

Tomorrow is the beginning of what is possibly the MOST important year of my life so far. It is the final year of my secondary education. It is the year I turn 18. It is the year I finally have the freedom to do what I like. It is a year I am excited about, yet one I face with a gnawing fear within me. It is a year I want to be over already, but a year I never want to leave.

So, although I will continue blogging (defs not giving this up!) brace yourself for the trials and tribulations that comes with being a stress-head Year 12, and wish me luck for the coming 10 months!

Love, Stace

Oh aaaaaaand me and Em went thrifting, as I promised. Helloooo new dress (which we are happily sharing) and bag 🙂



One thought on “Soundtrack to my summer..

  1. nah we'll survive love! stick together!
    rev: “your greatest resource is each other”
    but, 3 terms 3 terms 3 terms!
    this blogging thing is distracting though
    i'm already browsing blogs instead of reading about the american revolution. great!


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